Opening night at Saw’s BBQ in Avondale!!

This was a truly exciting event. I’m not being overly dramatic. Possibly the best BBQ in town, on the main drag in downtown Avondale. Good thing I’ve taken up running as a hobby. Wonderful staff, delicious food. Unbeatable atmosphere. Slightly nicer than a whole in the wall with blues music playing and the wind blowing in thru the open door that looks out onto Avondale’s main drag. And what’s right next door? Avondale Brewing Company. And guess what. Saw’s delivers there. What more could you ask for.

Enough talk, more photos.


Crawfish roll. Full of yummy crawfish flavor. Vinegar slaw on the side.


Chicken sandwich with white BBQ sauce. Greens on the side. Melts in your mouth.


Saw's Soul Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Loaded baked potato.


Banana pudding. First time I’ve ever had it and I’m hooked.