Pigging out at LoLo’s BBQ

This place is down the street from our house. I pass it every day on the way to work. They opened a year ago, serving breakfast and lunch, but only recently have they been open on Saturdays. After our long run of the week, we were starving and didn’t think twice about pigging out.

No exaggeration, this is some of the best BBQ we’ve ever had. This place is on par with the great local BBQ joints, right up there with Saw’s, Rusty’s, and Full Moon, all of which we have written about previously. Here’s what we ate:


When we were taking this picture, the owner commented, “That’s a really pretty picture, isn’t it?” We couldn’t help but agree. Chicken and pork BBQ sandwiches, with a side of baked beans and a side of slaw. All perfectly seasoned. Taste buds were jumping.

Cross sectional view of the pork sandwich:


And then there were the onion rings. Mr Foodie generally hates everything onion, while I am an onion connoisseur. These were the best rings I have ever tasted, definitively. Even Mr Foodie loved them (although I only let him try one bite before rudely snatching them back-they’re mine!).


The best part was the owner and his family. We struck up a conversation about the revitalization of the neighborhood and how we are both proud to live and work in Birmingham. Was a very feel-good experience all around.

Plus, how cute is the sign? Love the pig! Sorry vegetarians….


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