Birmingham hipsters unite – Sushi Village 2!

Friends, it has been awhile. We bought a pasta maker and pressure cooker and – gasp – we have been cooking more. However, never fear, we are back in the game and eating out more than ever before. So, let me introduce you to my new go-to restaurant- Sushi Village 2.

Do not be put off by the less than flashy name that leaves you wondering, where is Sushi Village 1?, or the location in the Crestwood Festival strip mall. This is the real deal, serving both hot Japanese kitchen dishes and top notch sushi with friendly service.

Also, the density of hipsters was amazing. The word has clearly gotten out within the hipster community about this place, and its location in Irondale near Crestwood and Avondale surely helps. I lost count of the number of trendy ‘staches and cute side bangs.

Of course, I am of little help remembering which rolls I ordered. But, the waitstaff can always identify them from photos so you can feel free to show them my pics.

These pics are from 2 separate trips to the Village. As I said, we are becoming regulars. One of the trips was with another couple. I don’t want you to think we ate all this food ourselves…. I mean we would, but we didn’t.

Obligatory free salad. Actually delicious.


Steamed shrimp dumplings, high quality, not from frozen as far as I can tell. I pinched myself. Is this a dream?


A special. Age tofu. Amazing.


Coconut tofu. Amazing.

Squid. I’m a huge squid fan. This is the best I’ve had since Mr Foodie and I were in Vietnam. We were having palpitations waiting for the main course.


The main event. Fresh, not too much rice. Amazing.



Each time, after ordering beverages, apps, and 3 rolls, we paid $30 for both of us. Great price for the quality.

So, the moral of the story is, when living in Bham, embrace strip mall sushi. Or, maybe just embrace Sushi Village 2 and continue to take pepto when you eat anywhere else!!

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